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Sequim Lavender Farme Fair is coming up

So, let’s talk Lavender!  I received the Sequim Lavender Farme Faire brochure today.  Have you seen it?  We’re noted on the back page for offering Bus Tours to the festival.

Sequim is again doing Lavender-in-the-Park at Carrie Blake Park , and we’re goin on Sunday July 22.  This is a food and lavender crafts event, and was very fun last year.  Anyone can drive to Sequim for the Lavender Farms and Park events, and there’s parking available for you if you do.  If you don’t want to mess with parking, the ferry, and the lines, we make it easy by offering you a bus ride, a knowledgeable guide, and a few other goodies to make the day fun.  We’ll visit 3 farms and lavender in the Park.

WE ARE ALSO VISITING the San Juan Island Lavender Festival on Saturday July 21.  We visit the Pelindaba Lavender Farm plus have time for lunch and shopping in Friday Harbor.  It’s a fun, small town.  If you’ve never been here before, this trip a good time to go, before the summer crowds arrive in full force.  Pelendaba has beautiful grounds and a great gift shop.

JULY 21 Saturday.  San Juan Island Lavender Festival.

JULY 22 Sunday.  Sequim Lavender Farm Faire.  We’re planning something a little extra for the 22nd.

Register on our website if you decide to go with us.  Thanks, and I hope we see you; either with us, or at the fair somewhere!

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Grand Coulee DamTour and mineral waters

Today we are visiting the Grand Coulee Dam.  The largest concrete structure in the world!   On the way we stopped at Soap Lake, which as 17 minerals and is a natural moisturizer when you use it.  The native Americans used to come here every year to use the healing powers from the waters.  And later, people came from all around to do the same.  Here are some people checking out the water.

The water actually foams at the shoreline.

Soap Lake mineral bathing

Then we went through the Coulees to the dam.   Here’s a photo of the dam behind the Visitors Center.

Grand Coulee Dam & Visitor Center

Our hotel

Hotel, my room door

Photo Credits

Alice Hammond, thank you so much for taking the photos at the MURAL IN A DAY trip!  All photos for this tour are courtesy of Alice Hammond.

More Mural Photos

The car is not part of the mural

Cool Murals Town Summary


We went to Toppenish, WA, for their Mural in a Day event last Saturday. It was really a great time! They create and paint in one day a new mural every year. They now have 74 murals in their town! Most of the murals depict life in the area before 1920, so not only are they fun to seek out, they are informative too.