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Tulip Festival 2013, Skagit Valley Washington

April is Tulip month in the Pacific Northwest, and you don’t want to miss the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival! Over a million people visit the festival each year to see more than 300 acres of  flowering fields with over 90 different types of tulips!  The fields are ablaze in an abundance of  color during the prime blooming period, and the farms allow you to walk between the rows for that perfect photo.

Not just tulips are grown here, either.  Daffodils and iris are too.  And you don’t want to miss the alpacas!

We visit the festival on 3 Saturdays in April 2013, via motor coach,  so you don’t have to hassle with the farm equipment or



tourists on the roads.   The dates available for our tulip festival tours are:  Saturday April 6, Saturday April 13, and Saturday April 20.

Our TULIP FESTIVAL TOUR includes stops at 2-3 tulip farms, and time for  lunch in La Connor.  You  may see migrating eagles, snow geese or trumpeter swans along the way, too!

Pick ups in Auburn, Seattle, Shoreline and Everett.

PRIVATE GROUP TOURS ARE OFFERED ON SUNDAYS in April and you may select a different venue for lunch.  The rotary has a barbeque with salmon and baked potato, or you may prefer La Conner or Mt. Vernon.  All are fun and interesting options.

Call or email for more information.  206 353-3330 or



Whale Watching: Gray’s arrive Puget Sound

Each spring, approximately 10 migratory gray whales enter Puget Sound on their way from Mexico to the Baring Sea. This is the perfect time to go whale watching, especially in March, April and May.

Whale Watching - Gray Whales in Puget Sound

photo: website

There are many ways to experience this annual event. One is to drive to Langley, WA, on Whidbey Island, and look from the shore, either from on the cliff or from the lower marina level.  You’ll be able to watch the whales feed and travel between Whidbey and Camano Islands.  Another option is to take a boat ride.  There are several options available from the island.  Jet boats start at 2 locations.  There is also the 100 foot Mystic Sea, and Clipper Vacations whale watching tours to Langley.  Many sightings have been made from Washington State ferries, however the ferries do not seek out the whales, so the Clipper or other boat excursion will offer a more probable whale experience.

The gray whales usually visit from March through May each year, and several of them are repeat visitors.  A few new whales join the pod each year.  Whales have individual identities, and can be identified by their barnacle markings, size, and injuries.  Each whale in the pod has a number and an individual name, and new visitors are added to the records.

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Cheryl’s Northwest Tours offers tours across the Pacific Northwest and have several excursions around Puget Sound.  Our staff will be happy to develop a tour for your group either by land or by combining with one of the boat tours.  Give us a call at 206 353-3330 or email for more information.