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Northwest Winter Tours


HOLIDAY TOWN LIGHTING. December 2014. $65. Offering six trips this year, Cheryl’s Northwest Tours LLC has partnered with Clipper Vacations for a bigger than ever trip across the mountain passes to this fun annual event. A continental breakfast basket starts off your day, and we share tidbits of Northwest history along the way. Pre arrival you will be provided with suggestions and directional information to get you going on your fun-filled day.

If you have not been to to this festival before, you’ll experience holiday music all day in the street, shops oozing with festive holiday gifts, and holiday decorations everywhere. Maybe you’ll want to try the roasted chestnuts -on an open fire-, some cider, or maybe some spiced wine. There is a play you can see, sleigh rides across town, fund-raisers at the church, and more. You’ll see thousands of lights on the buildings, trees, and streetlights; Leavenworth, WA, does it up spectacularly and turns it on just before 5:00pm. Visit for each day’s activities. We pick up at several Seattle area locations. Departures begin around 9:00am, returning approximately 8:30pm. Visit and for more information.

EAGLE AND SALMON VIEWING, a nature tour. January 2014. $89. You’ve got to see this. Hundreds of young and old eagles migrate from Canada each year to the Skagit River to feast on the spawning salmon. This is a two-part tour. Eagles. There are hundreds in the area, and you are sure to see many. You’ll love this, even if you are not a ‘bird watcher”. There’s a brief presentation very worth your time to familiarize yourself with Skagit Valley and its nature programs, and then you’re off to the river to locate eagles. The second part of this tour: The Salmon Spawning experience. You’ll visit the local hatchery and see the salmon’s final destination (and their original birthplace). These are non-farmed northwest salmon, in the real world. Hot lunch of your choice included at a local restaurant on the way home. This tour is in conjunction with the Skagit Valley Eagle Festival.

RED WINE AND CHOCOLATE. February,2014. You’ll venture to Yakima area appellations, to the actual vineyards of northwest wineries. The vineyards are beautiful, peaceful, and are less crowded than during the growing and harvesting months. Not just wine tasting, you’ll also indulge in sampling chocolates of various styles, including truffles, wedges, and bars, some paired with wines to show the versatility and balance of the wine. Box lunch included.

For more information, visit, email us at, or call 206 353-3330.