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Seattle bi-lingual guides

Cheryl’s Northwest Tours LLC grew in 2014, and added additional bi-lingual guides to the team.  Now with 9 guides and 6 languages, the bi-lingual guides team is enthusiastic and ready to serve the world with our fun and informative Northwest tours.  The languages we currently offer include Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, French, German, and English.  MOF cust in lobby


Safeco Field sign


BeSAMSUNG sure to contact Cheryl’s Northwest Tours LLC for your tour needs when coming to Seattle, the tours always include local history and heritage, some geology, and a lot of fun facts as you visit the great Northwest and Seattle, with its wonderful sights, sounds, and smells.



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Mount Saint Helens – Mount Rainier

Mount Saint Helens – Mount Rainier in the same day!  Not common, since Mount Saint Helens – Mount Rainier are both a few hours from everywhere, but we managed it simply and without a lot of driving at one time.  This tour is perfect for those traveling from Portland, OR or Seattle, WA. It is not a day trip, it is a two night 3 day trip with time to relax, enjoy, and take the time at each stop to learn the mighty power of the volcanoes and how the landscapes became what they are.

a Rainier valley

Rainier valley

Rainier viewpoint

Rainier viewpoint

the Mountain

the Mountain

Day 1, we travel into the Pacific Northwest mountains to Mount Saint Helens – Mount Rainier and stay in a small town just 45 minutes from our first trail.  Driving through beautiful lush mountain foothills, meadows and valleys, we enjoyed seeing horses, cows and alpacas on our way to the first stop.  Arriving, we checked into our hotel and had dinner next door in a cute, quaint restaurant that had steamed clams on the menu!  The chicken fried steak was very tasty.

Day 2, the hotel provided a continental breakfast, then we were on our way to Longmire for an easy 30 minute trail hike among Douglas Fir and Wester Red Cedar trees.  The museums are enlightening here.  Onward to Paradise for lunch in the Lodge and then time to wander the trails and visit waterfalls, the trails are paved quite a ways out before switching to dirt.   The movie in the visitor center is worth seeing.

stream at Rainier

Mountain and stream

We then made our way down Mount Rainier and through beautiful farms, fields, and small towns including Mossyrock and Morton.  Our next stop was Patty’s Place for lunch just short of mile marker 19 on the road to Mount Saint Helens, Johnston Ridge.  Wow, what a difference from Mount Rainier!  Weyerhauser planted 16,400,000 trees to replace those blasted by the explosion on May 18, 1980.  Before they planted, they cleared out 480 truckloads of downed trees per day.  So what we saw were small, 30-35 year old trees, mainly Douglas fir and Noble fir.  The Noble fir are very different in look than the Douglas fir, with their branches horizontal rather than more vertical. In contrast, Mount Rainier has 100-700+ year old trees!  We stayed in a simple but nice motel along I-5 (with indoor swimming pool) where we had a variety of choices  nearby for dinner.

Cheryl St. Helens

Cheryl and Mount St. Helens

landscape Helens

Landscape around Mount St. Helens

Day 3, after another good continental breakfast, we begin our trek back to Seattle, 2 hours away.  We stop at the Mount Saint Helens visitors center at Silver Lake for one last movie and another trail excursion, then home bound.

This trip is a great way to explore some great Pacific Northwest Volcanoes and see some amazingly beautiful Pacific Northwest mountains and landscapes.

We  hope you’ll join us sometime for one of our tours!  visit for an extensive list of Northwest excursions.