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Lake Chelan Stehekin Overnight Tour

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A new addition to our tours, we’ve added several overnight excursions.  May 30-June 1, 2015 try our Lake Chelan Stehekin Tour. In Eastern WA, Lake Chelan is approximately 50 miles (80 km) long and 1486 feet (453 m) deep, in the Northeast North Cascade Mountains. The third deepest lake in the US, this lake is beautifully landscaped with forests and hills. Lake Chelan Stehekin is a wonderful day or overnight retreat.  The town of Chelan sits on the South end of the lake, and Stehekin on the North end. Stehekin is only accessible by boat, plane, hiking, or horseback.

You begin the Lake Chelan Stehekin tour with a ride from Seattle over a mountain pass from Seattle to Chelan, about a 4 hour drive. You stop for lunch just past the midway mark.  You’ll stay the first night in a wonderful resort hotel with hot tub, pool, great food and accommodations, all on the beach of this lovely lake.  In the morning you transfer to the dock and take a boat ride to Stehekin, arriving in time for lunch.  We’ve arranged a tour to Rainbow Falls and a talk with a naturalist, and the hotel rooms view the lake from the North. Stehekin is somewhat rustic with little to do if you aren’t in to nature. It’s a great, peaceful getaway.

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Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan from Stehekin-David Ansley

Boat ride to Stehekin

Boat ride to Stehekin


Campbells Resort

Campbells Resort-on beach

Stehekin Lodge

Stehekin Lodge