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Oktoberfest from Seattle

Oktoberfest from Seattle to Leavenworth is quickly upon us, and we’re gearing up!  The leaves should be changing up on Stevens Pass as we cruise through the valleys, foothills and the Cascade Mountains.  Oktoberfest from Seattle in Leavenworth is an annual ritual for some, and we’re inviting others!  Join in on the fun.  Visit the beer tent, walk and shop around the Alpine Village, or take the trail down along the river for the autumn respite.

Leavenworth is a wonderful replica of an Alpine Village in Europe.  Very quaint, you’ve got to see this.  Holding several festive events annually, Oktoberfest is one of many worth experiencing.  You might check out our December tour when we come for the Christmas Lighting.  It’s incredible.

We’ll leave Seattle at 9:00am and cross Stevens Pass to Leavenworth, arriving at noon. Upon arrival in Leavenworth you’ll see the parade and for you beer drinkers, the mayor tapping the keg.  The price is $125 per person and includes one beer or soft drink in Leavenworth, snacks and bottled water in route, transportation and taxes, and some fantastic information and fun stories on the ride there and back. Not to mention the beautiful mountain scenery.

Spend the day, relax, and take in the changing seasons.  We’ll depart at 5:30pm back to Seattle, arriving at approximately 8:30.

Come on, and get an inside look at the Pacific Northwest with Cheryl’s Northwest Tours LLC.

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