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Waterfalls in the Northwest

Recently we took a trip across the mountain passes to see waterfalls in the Northwest and the autumn colors.  We were delighted with the sights!  November 2015 in the Northwest had considerable rain, and there were waterfalls all up and down the mountain passes, along the main highways!

blog falls2

waterfall Mt. Rainier

blog falls1

Waterfall Stehekin










We don’t usually travel in November, as it’s getting darker and colder, and everyone tends to start the indoors program, but I must say, November is the time to go seek waterfalls.  The abundance of rain made every waterfall spectacular.  Tiny streams were floods of water, white bubbling amazement.  Deception Falls and Bridal Veil Falls were beyond exclamation! I’m telling you, it was overwhelming, the amounts of water roaring down the streams.  We were unable to capture many of these falls due to the weather and driving conditions.  Here are some waterfall photos taken earlier this year.

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Snoq falls-for ads

Waterfall Snoqualmie


Waterfall Mt. Rainier

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Snoqualmie waterfall

Stehekin waterfall

Waterfall Stehikin2

waterfall stream

waterfall stream

upper before falls

upper before falls

Mt. Rainier falls

Mt. Rainier falls


Christmas Leavenworth from Seattle

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CNWT Ad from Seattle Times






Christmas trip to Leavenworth!  This was posted on ‘Next Door’ from a Seattle Times ad in November 2015.  We’ve been asked to make is accessible in other places too.  Tickets are 70% sold, so don’t wait to book your seat today.  Click on the Leavenworth photo to proceed with your reservation.