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Mussel Festival Tour

Mussels! Black Shellfish from Puget Sound, are the highlight of the Mussel Festival on Whidbey Island.  Our tour includes all transportation to the festival, and a ride on a Washington State Ferry across Puget Sound.  Complete with tour guide on board, you’ll learn about the Mussel Festival as well as some interesting Northwest history and geology about the area before arriving in Coupeville.  Once there, you’ll receive your chowder cards and boat ride slips, and have the day on your own to explore and taste chowders and whole mussels all over town.

Penn Cove Shellfish grow, sell, and market mussels they grow in Penn Cove, on Whidey Island.  These tender, delicious mussels are sold all over the world.  One weekend a year, Whidbey Island puts on a fun festival to eat and celebrate these seafood delights.

The Mussel Festival plan:  You get a card for a selection of restaurants around town.  There are 2, and sometimes 3 different cards with different restaurants listed. Each card has 5 or so restaurants.  You receive one card with our tour.  If you want more cards for more restaurants, they are $10 each additional.  You then go to the restaurants on your card and get free samples of their chowder.  On our tour you will also receive a slip to go out on the boat (10 minute ride each way) that takes you to the mussel pens, where the company has a representative to show you how they raise and harvest the shellfish.

Pick up locations include: Sheraton Hotel Seattle, ($8 parking at the Cheesecake Factory), Northgate and Mukilteo Ferry. This tour fee is $110, and includes taxes, transportation, chowder samples and boat ride. Only $89 if you bring 2 guests (and they pay $89 too!)

This is a very fun tour, one of our favoritesMussels Mar 12, and we hope you will join us.  Visit for more upcoming tours.