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Lavender Festival Tour 2016

A beautiful and fragrant day, our Lavender Festival Tour takes you to Sequim’s annual Lavender Festival.  Many farms participate and you’ll visit at least 3 farms.  They’ve changed the festival up a bit, and now each farm puts on a mini festival of their own. We’ll see how this is, it should be fun!

Our Lavender Festival Tour will explore the fields, farms, and the street fair on this full day excursion across Puget Sound to the Olympic Peninsula.  Beginning at 7:45 from Seattle, we stop at Northgate if we have guests parking there, then off to the ferry.  Cross Puget Sound in about 30 minutes with fantastic views of 2 volcanos and 2 mountain ranges, then continue to the festival.  You’ll return at approximately 6:30.

Cheryl’s Northwest Tours LLC visits many festivals and destinations each year as public tours, where individuals are urged to come on the tour. We pick up in downtown Seattle and Northgate.  Call us for details, or visit our website. On the home page scroll down and select the Seasonal Tours box for information and reserving your seat.

You can book on-line on our website  We hope you’ll join us!



Row of Lavender

Row of Lavender

July Lavender Festival

Sequim Lav Festival

CherylsNWtours Lav Fest

The July Lavender Festival in Sequim, WA is fast approaching.  We will ride the coach or van from Seattle on Sunday July 19 for a fragrant, fun day on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

Flowers galore, most of them different varieties of lavender, will be growing in massive rows in the farms and fields.  Buy some in pots to bring home at this July Lavender Festival in Sequim.

Pick up locations include Auburn at I-5, downtown Seattle, Mukilteo, and Kingston.

Join us July 19 for the July Lavender Festival in Sequim.  For more information visit or, then call us to book your ride!

You will have an on-board tour guide who will share information along the way.

Book your tour today.  Only $89 per person for a full day, and includes a refreshing ferry ride across Puget Sound.

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Lavender Gardens Tour

Lavender is abundant in the Pacific Northwest. We have such great soil perfect for Lavender. There are Lavender farms in the San Juan Islands, WA and several in Sequim, WA, Salem OR, Hood River Oregon, and throughout the NW region. An interestingly varied flower from plant to plant, each smells a little different and burst into color in July, typically.

Our tour takes you to Sequim for the Lavender Festival, Sunday July 19, 2015. You’ll visit at least 3 different farms and Lavender in the Park on this full day excursion. An added bonus, you get to ride on a ferry boat to get there!

Tour date and time:  July 19, 2015, 7:30am departure from Seattle, return approximately 6:00 pm.

Snacks and bottled water included.

As is normal with all Cheryl’s Northwest Tours LLC tours, we share local history, geology, and heritage along the way to get a real feel for the Pacific Northwest.  Not too much, just enough to learn and have fun.

We hope you’ll join us on this relaxing and enjoyable journey across Puget Sound to the Olympic Peninsula for the Lavender Festival in Sequim. For more information, visit the Sequim Lavender Festival website and book with us at Cheryl’s Northwest Tours LLC to get you there on day trip.

And be sure to check out other great tours with Cheryl’s Northwest Tours.

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It’s that time again, Christmas, and, the Leavenworth Town Lighting festival! Time to get nostalgic and visit one of the most festive towns in America: Leavenworth, Washington.

Cheryl’s Northwest Tours LLC will cover all the details, you just show up and play.  We depart the Seattle area around 8:30am from several area locations and arrive in Leavenworth around noon.  Mid afternoon you are welcome to rejoin the bus and guide to drop off any purchased you don’t want to carry around, then venture back out to explore more of this fun European-style town.  They light up the entire town around 4;30-5:00, and at 5:30 you’ll re-board the bus for the ride back, and enjoy a holiday movie on board to get you in the mood for the holidays.

Leavenworth Hotel Christmas lights

Leavenworth Hotel

The tour includes a continental breakfast basket and bottled water, transportation, and a tour guide to help you plan your day. You’ll enjoy a relaxing day at the Leavenworth Town Lighting, a place like an alpine Bavarian resort-style town, with shopping, chestnut eating, sleigh rides, see a play, or just people watch.  Until the lights come on, then you’ll be in awe!  Partnered with Clipper Vacations, you are sure to have a great time.

On the way

The drive there

tree lights

Leavenworth tree lights

Santa & Mrs. Claus

Santa & Mrs. Claus

Often this town has snow, with the elevation of 1,171 ft (357 m).  Nestled in a valley against the Cascade Mountains, the town is beautiful. So bring your sled if you’re inclined to slide down the kiddy hill, dress warm, and enjoy the beauty of Bavaria and the great Pacific Northwest at the Leavenworth Town Lighting.

Contact to make your reservation or get more details.  Get an inside look at the Pacific Northwest with Cheryl’s Northwest Tours LLC.



We’re doing the Dungeness Crab Festival on Oct 10, a Friday.  We hope you consider joining us.  This is a fun event and not too long.We’ll pick up at 9:45, make the 10:30 Edmonds Ferry, and have 3 hours at the festival.  Return for the 5:00 ferry, and back by 6:00.


price includes tax, ferry, vehicle, on board guide and bottled water.  Food is on your own, and there are loads of places to get crab and crabcakes and great seafood to test your will power.  The festival is small, easy to maneuver, and has a lot of kiosks with items to explore and purchase. 

The vehicle size will be determined by the number of guests.

  • Up to 10, I will be driving a 12-15 passenger van.
  • Over 10, I will hire a vehicle and driver
Let me know if you want to go and we’ll go from there.  I’m going for sure!
Look at the Facebook post or visit for more information.
Call me or email me to hold a seat for you.  Can’t wait, I love dungeness crab!


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Tulip Festival 2014 Skagit Valley, WA

Tulip Festival time is here again!  A super indicator that spring is official, the Pacific Northwest loves this festival.  Our locals come back year after year for the fun and beauty of the Skagit Valley ablaze in flowers.

The tulip festival hosts not only tulips!  First there’s the daffodils, which bloom first.  Then the tulips, in their hundreds of colors display.  Then the iris.  So as mother nature decides when and how long the flowers bloom, you are sure to see some beautiful flowers and fields in bloom.

We’ll also check out the alpaca farm, near the tulip farms.  If the animals are out, it’s pretty fun.  Wool for sale, or pet an alpaca!

The tulip festival is month long, through April, so whichever tour you can come on, you are sure to see pretty flowers in the fields, and in the farm displays!

This year we have varied the lunch location, so depending on which day you take our tour, you can see something new.   La Conner, the familiar lunch location, is a quaint and fun historic town on the water, and always a fun choice.  Or choose the Mount Vernon Street Fair day, the Kiwanis Salmon lunch-at-the-park day, or the PACCAR tech plant Sunday tour.   Whatever your interest, we’ve got you covered for a fun day of flowers and other things to see in Skagit Valley.

So come on, get an inside look at the Pacific Northwest! We welcome you to join us on one of our Saturday or Sunday Tulip Festival tours.

Tulip Festival 2014 Flyerpdf-48

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Mussels foodie tour

It’s time for the annual Mussel Festival, a foodie tour with Cheryl’s Northwest Tours LLC!

We travel from Seattle to Whidbey Island and join in on this wonderfully fun mussel chowder competition by doing a food crawl, so to speak.  Several restaurants prepare their own chowder concoction and compete with the other local restaurants for the best chowder award.  WE, the judges, roam around town, tasting the various chowders, and vote for our favorite.

Fresh mussels store sign seen at the Mussel Festival, during a foodie tour with Cheryl’s Northwest Tours! serving

Not just mussel chowder tastings, there are Penn Cove mussels all over town, in the restaurants and in kiosks around town to enjoy.  Or hit the beer garden, with a band and mussels available there too. Prepared in so many ways, this is a mussels foodie tour not to miss.

dock-distant Shore-Dock

Other fun things we do on this tour include an optional one  hour boat ride out to the actual mussel pens with an expert grower to learn how they raise, farm, and harvest these crustaceans.  And there will be cooking demonstrations from Seattle and island restaurant chefs, with free samples of their great recipes.

Come on, and get an inside look at the Pacific Northwest, with Cheryl’s Northwest Tours!


2014 Mussel flyer

2014 Mussels


street scene


2014 Mussels

Oktoberfest in the Pacific Northwest

Oktoberfest – A beer connoisseur’s paradise!  Our Northwest Oktoberfest is festive, like the real Bavarian Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany!  Ours is held in, well, October, not September like the actual Bavarian Festival.  Activities might include enjoying bratwurst and other delicious sausages, shopping, and sightseeing.  It might also include savoring the delicious local beer and micro brew selections (yeah!).  Maybe hang out with the local bands that will entertain you all day.  What ever you do, don’t miss the Keg Tapping Ceremony at 1:00 pm.  This is when Leavenworth’s Mayor will honor a Bavarian Tradition of “tapping the keg”.  Then plan on hanging around to hear the music of Musikkapelle Leavenworth and other musical groups from the US and Germany.

Visit  for all the fun-filled details!

Not into beer?  That’s okay!  There are many things to do to celebrate autumn and our own beautiful Bavaria.  The town is along the Wenatchee River where you can relax and meander along the foot paths.  Or munch your way through town, or visit the railroad history museum.  How about a wine-tasting crawl, shopping, or people watching.  And who doesn’t love traveling through the Cascade Mountains?  From Seattle to Leavenworth the view is breathtaking.

Cheryl’s Northwest Tours offers this day trip on October 12, 2013.  Our tour departs two locations in/near Seattle at 9:00am and returns approximately 8:00pm.  You’ll have time to check out all the activities.  We make a stop both directions to stretch your legs on the 3 hour trek across our beautiful Cascade Mountain range.

Visit to register for this tour on line, and to see what else is going on that might interest you.  We offer a variety of festival tours each year.  We also provide history and heritage tours of the Pacific Northwest throughout the year.  Come get an inside look at the Pacific Northwest!


PORT TOWNSEND Wooden Boat Festival

Here’s another great festival held every year in the great Pacific Northwest.  The Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, September 6-8, 2013, now in its 37th year and is “the most education-packed and inspiring wooden boat event in the world”, according to the Wooden boat Festival website.

Port Townsend, Washington, is a town worthy of a visit on it’s own.  Historically, it began in April of 1851,  before Seattle, as a lumber and harbor town.  The beautiful Victorian homes built in the late 1800  remain from the boom years and many are local Bed and Breakfasts now.  Port Townsend is also called the “City of Dreams” because of the early speculation that the city would be the largest harbor on the west coast of the United States.  No thanks to the railroad back in those days, who chose Tacoma! as its terminus, and also due to the depression labeled The Panic of ’93, settling in Port Townsend declined as other cities took a stronger hold on Puget Sound.

Now Port Townsend has an abundance of beautiful Victorian style homes and Bed and Breakfasts, a quaint downtown, 2 marinas, beautiful views, a historical military fort nearby, and the Port Townsend historic district is a US National Historic Landmark District.  The town is a maritime center for independent boat builders,  which, hey!  brings us back to the Wooden Boat Festival.


All things about wooden boats can probably be found here, and learning opportunities abound.  You might even find a local Native American, who’s ancestors  lived here long before the settlers, to talk boat building the old-fashioned way, by carving out a tree.  (Okay, I don’t actually know if there will be local Native Americans at this festival, but I do know they made wooden boats out of red and yellow cedar trees.)

Not excited about boats?  You’ll find, of course, the usual festival activities going on too, so you can get your elephant ears and corn on the cob somewhere in the mirage of kiosks and street fair vendors, along with artwork, produce, jewelry, crafts and more.

Contact Cheryl’s Northwest Tours LLC  to learn how to get to the festival.


Lavender Festival – July 21, 2013

Lavender Festival!

Fields and fields of blooming lavender!  July in the Pacific Northwest boasts an abundance of purple fields.  And fragrant, too.  Sequim Washington has great year-round weather which allows for wonderful local farms full of produce and flowers.  July brings the Lavender Festival and the Sequim Lavender Farm Faire.  You can find lavender in so many ways, such as live plants, seeds, in crafts like sachets, dried bundles, in beverages, and more!  One of the farms has a male and female peacock in a fensed area, and we’ve seen eagles overhead. Many farms have kiosks on their farms with vendors who offer jewelry, food, crafts, baskets and other fun, festive items. An easy way to get there is with Cheryl’s Northwest Tours LLC.  A simple bus ride and sometimes a ferry provides a convenient and fun way to get there.  No parking a mile away, and avoid the crowded driving conditions. No worries, just fun, Complimentary snacks and water provided.  Learn about the festival, its history, and what to do while you are there while on your way.  The annual Lavender Festival in Sequim, Washington, kicks off July 20, 2013 and runs through the weekend.  Some links to visit include:  –

For tour information, check out the PDF


  Lavender Festival Tour – July 21, 2013


And remember, the flowers are in bloom all month in July, so you can go on your own any time you want to most of the farms throughout July.