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Waterfalls in the Northwest

Recently we took a trip across the mountain passes to see waterfalls in the Northwest and the autumn colors.  We were delighted with the sights!  November 2015 in the Northwest had considerable rain, and there were waterfalls all up and down the mountain passes, along the main highways!

blog falls2

waterfall Mt. Rainier

blog falls1

Waterfall Stehekin










We don’t usually travel in November, as it’s getting darker and colder, and everyone tends to start the indoors program, but I must say, November is the time to go seek waterfalls.  The abundance of rain made every waterfall spectacular.  Tiny streams were floods of water, white bubbling amazement.  Deception Falls and Bridal Veil Falls were beyond exclamation! I’m telling you, it was overwhelming, the amounts of water roaring down the streams.  We were unable to capture many of these falls due to the weather and driving conditions.  Here are some waterfall photos taken earlier this year.

We invite everyone from everywhere to join us on a tour. We offer private tours to many Northwest Regions; day excursions of varying length, road trips across Washington, and overnight trips cover multi states in the Northwest.  We cover history, heritage, and geology in a fun, simple way.  Join us sometime, we’d love to meet you!

Snoq falls-for ads

Waterfall Snoqualmie


Waterfall Mt. Rainier

falls 4 ad 2013

Snoqualmie waterfall

Stehekin waterfall

Waterfall Stehikin2

waterfall stream

waterfall stream

upper before falls

upper before falls

Mt. Rainier falls

Mt. Rainier falls


Gondola Ride Mountain Tour

Our Gondola Ride Mountain tour in the Pacific Northwest is a great trip to the Crystal Mountain summit and restaurant in the summer, and a wonderful ski lift in the winter.  In the Cascade Mountain Range, the view at the summit is a perfect top-of-the-world experience to see active and not-so-active volcanos in their own back yard.  Mount Adams and Mount Rainier seem almost close enough to hit with a rock.

Our tour takes you by motor coach through farms, valleys, meadows with flowers, hay and grasses, rivers, horses and barns, then into the woods and forest we go, with alpine meadows and trees.  We sometimes see eagles, deer and fox during our drive.

The Gondola Ride Mountain tour Departs at 9:00am sharp downtown Seattle at Denny and Fairview Streets, and returns at 4:00pm.

$109 per person, this fully inclusive tour includes the Gondola Ride, transportation, on-board-guide, lunch, 1 adult beverage or soft drink, bottled water en route, and taxes too.

Come join the fun on this local excursion to visit a wonderful local ski resort and ascend on the Gondola Ride to view Mount Rainier, the 14,410 foot, 25 glacier mountain in Washington State.

Gondola flyer 2015

Gondola flyer 2015

For more tour suggestions, visit or email Cheryl herself, at

Gondola View

Gondola view



Mt. Adams

Mt. Adams

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier stream

Mt. Rainier stream

Alpine Inn Restaurant

Alpine Inn Restaurant

July Lavender Festival

Sequim Lav Festival

CherylsNWtours Lav Fest

The July Lavender Festival in Sequim, WA is fast approaching.  We will ride the coach or van from Seattle on Sunday July 19 for a fragrant, fun day on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

Flowers galore, most of them different varieties of lavender, will be growing in massive rows in the farms and fields.  Buy some in pots to bring home at this July Lavender Festival in Sequim.

Pick up locations include Auburn at I-5, downtown Seattle, Mukilteo, and Kingston.

Join us July 19 for the July Lavender Festival in Sequim.  For more information visit or, then call us to book your ride!

You will have an on-board tour guide who will share information along the way.

Book your tour today.  Only $89 per person for a full day, and includes a refreshing ferry ride across Puget Sound.

Call us for more information 206 353-3330 or email


Lake Chelan Stehekin Overnight Tour

This gallery contains 5 photos.

A new addition to our tours, we’ve added several overnight excursions.  May 30-June 1, 2015 try our Lake Chelan Stehekin Tour. In Eastern WA, Lake Chelan is approximately 50 miles (80 km) long and 1486 feet (453 m) deep, in the Northeast North Cascade Mountains. The third deepest lake in the US, this lake is beautifully landscaped with forests and hills. Lake Chelan Stehekin is a wonderful day or overnight retreat.  The town of Chelan sits on the South end of the lake, and Stehekin on the North end. Stehekin is only accessible by boat, plane, hiking, or horseback.

You begin the Lake Chelan Stehekin tour with a ride from Seattle over a mountain pass from Seattle to Chelan, about a 4 hour drive. You stop for lunch just past the midway mark.  You’ll stay the first night in a wonderful resort hotel with hot tub, pool, great food and accommodations, all on the beach of this lovely lake.  In the morning you transfer to the dock and take a boat ride to Stehekin, arriving in time for lunch.  We’ve arranged a tour to Rainbow Falls and a talk with a naturalist, and the hotel rooms view the lake from the North. Stehekin is somewhat rustic with little to do if you aren’t in to nature. It’s a great, peaceful getaway.

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Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan from Stehekin-David Ansley

Boat ride to Stehekin

Boat ride to Stehekin


Campbells Resort

Campbells Resort-on beach

Stehekin Lodge

Stehekin Lodge

Summer Tours Bulletin 2015

2 summer tours 2015

2 summer tours 2015

Our summer tours bulletin is out, and we’ve got 2 great tours to take.

LAKE CHELAN. May 30, 31, and June 1, we’re going to Central Washington to visit beautiful Lake Chelan. Stay the first night at Campbell’s Resort, a local favorite destination in Chelan, on the lake, with a swimming pool and beach access. Then you’re off on a boat to cross the lake on a new adventure, Stehekin.  Accessible only by boat or airplane, this local gem is peaceful, relaxing and the hotel is again on the lake, with a view. Here, take a bus to Rainbow Falls, relax on the hotel grounds, or walk the trails, drinking in the peace and quiet.

This tour includes breakfasts and lunches, transportation, hotels, a tour guide with you throughout the tour, the boat ride, and time with a ranger to learn about the area in Stehekin.  We would love to have you join our tour, it promises to be a fun and relaxing 3 days!

LAVENDER FESTIVAL IN SEQUIM.  This annual adventure is on July 18 this year.  You’ll love this tour with all the NW elements:  A ferry ride over Puget Sound, stops at 3 lavender farms, a visit to Lavender in the Park with kiosks full of lavender plants and lavender scented crafts.  One farm has a resident peacock and sometimes you get to see the areas wild bald eagle overhead.  This tour smells so good!  Join us this year, sign up today.

See below for the tour flyers, and Visit for more adventures with Cheryl’s Northwest Tours LLC.

Lake Chelan overnight tour

Lake Chelan Tour


Sequim Lavender

Sequim Lavender Festival




2015 Tours in the Northwest

Cheryl’s Northwest Tours LLC has organized the 2015 Tours in the Northwest program. We invite you to join us!

Listed below are our specialty tours for the year, designed to share unique Northwest sights and scenes not known to  visitors, and often not the locals, either!

January 14-ELK FEEDING TOUR.  Craig Schnebly has been feeding Rocky Mountain elk at the L.T. Murray feed station since 1988. He has seen different elk come and go, but one thing remains a constant. When the barn door opens each morning, the elk smell food and come running.  The estimated number of elk in the Yakima herd is near 10,000, and anywhere from 1,000 to 1,800 of those elk are fed hay in L.T. Murray each winter, The number of elk that show up depends on how harsh the conditions are. The more snow that accumulates, the more elk come down to feed. Kittitas County is host to two feeding stations, and the L.T. Murray feed site at Joe Watt offers a viewing area where the public is invited to come and watch the majestic animals.

Elk feeding tour

March 21-PORTLAND AND FORT VANCOUVER, WA .  Did you know that the Pacific Northwest’s first hospital, school, orchard, library, grist mill, saw mill, shipyard, and dairy were all established at the Hudson’s Bay Company’s Fort Vancouver? Learn more about this by joining our tour to Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, which includes a visit and optional tour of Portland.

Fort Vanc sign

Fort Vanc sign

Fort Vancouver

Fort Vancouver










April Saturdays and more-TULIP FESTIVAL TOUR.  A spring ritual, we again trek out to view the brightly colored fields

Tulips Tour

fields ablaze

of tulips, daffodils and iris in the Skagit Valley. We swing through a bird sanctuary in search of migratory snow geese, trumpeter swans, and eagles on the way, and visit a quaint historic town for lunch.

May 30-June 1 Overnight.  LAKE CHELAN AND STEHEKIN.  Chelan, known for its warm weather and desert-like terrain is also home to Lake Chelan, a deep water lake nestled in the North section of the Pacific Northwest’s Cascade Mountains. An overnight trip, you’ll stay your first night in Chelan at a resort right on the lake.  Day two you’ll take a leisurely boat ride on the Lady of the Lake to Stehekin, a town only accessible by boat or plane. Here you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet of this little rustic community,  with hiking trails and a waterfall.

Lake Chelan Tour

July 18-LAVENDER FESTIVAL IN SEQUIM WA.  Sequim offers the largest lavender event in North America with the annual Lavender Festival in July. You will visit 3-4 farms and have time at Lavender-in-the-Park to check out food booths, lavender plant sales, lavender ice cream, lavender related crafts and more. This tour also includes a ferry ride across Puget sound.

Lavender Tour

Lavender Tour

November 7-10 Overnight.  NORTH CASCADES TOUR.  The North Cascades receive an over-abundance of snow in the winter, and the pass is closed late November until March-May sometime.  We’re planning this overnight tour to avoid the crowds while seeking the autumn experience of the majestic mountains, the amazing wilderness while we stay in a resort in the mountains.  We’ll visit a Wild West Town with wooden boardwalks and authentic western siding on the whole town before making our way back along the Columbia and Wenatchee rivers. A beautiful drive and unbelievable scenery not to be missed.

Hotel during N. Cascades tour

December 5,12,19-LEAVENWORTH CHRISTMAS TOWN LIGHTING.  This Bavarian style village is very believable to Germany and Austria, and really does it up in December with festive lighting, roasted chestnuts, holiday music, food, and merriment everywhere! Fire pits in the street help keep you warm, and you’ll immediately get in the holiday spirit here.

Leavenworth Tour


Christmas Tour

Trees after dark










Call 206 353-3330 or write to reserve your space!

Seattle bi-lingual guides

Cheryl’s Northwest Tours LLC grew in 2014, and added additional bi-lingual guides to the team.  Now with 9 guides and 6 languages, the bi-lingual guides team is enthusiastic and ready to serve the world with our fun and informative Northwest tours.  The languages we currently offer include Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, French, German, and English.  MOF cust in lobby


Safeco Field sign


BeSAMSUNG sure to contact Cheryl’s Northwest Tours LLC for your tour needs when coming to Seattle, the tours always include local history and heritage, some geology, and a lot of fun facts as you visit the great Northwest and Seattle, with its wonderful sights, sounds, and smells.



Chinatown Dragon



Olympic National Park

We visited the Olympic National Park twice in the past month through, visiting the Hoh Temperate Rain Forest.  It was dry both times!

We begin in Seattle and travel across a Washington State Ferry then on to Lake Crescent for our first hike, a mild 30 minute trail to Marymere Falls.  The Olympic Park is beautiful!  There are 3 rain forests inside the Olympic National Park, we visit the grandest of them all, the Hoh rain forest, a temperate rain forest.  We continue on to Forks for lunch, then enter the Hoh Rain Forest.  You really must come here, the moss-draped maple trees are spectacular on the Hall of Mosses trail.  And the fern beds along the Spruce Trail are very picturesque.  A calm fills you and peace is all around.  The quiet is also of curious notice.

Hoh fern bed2 Hoh trail on the trail

After taking 2 trails in Hoh,  we’re off again, now to the great Pacific Ocean to walk the sandy beach and explore the tide pools and sea stacks along the shore.  At Ruby beach, the rocks along the driftwood line are surprisingly symmetrical.  Got pics to show.

We covered all this in one day. And although a very long day, it was so exciting! Come join us sometime, for an Inside Look at the Pacific Northwest.

fern bed

fern bed

fern trail


foot bridge

foot bridge

Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent

Beach trees

beach trees

Ruby Beach

seastacks at Ruby Beach 2


Nature Tour Northwest, Majestic Bald Eagles

This gallery contains 1 photo.

January 18 and again January 19, 2014 we will visit the Skagit Eagle Festival. Bald Eagles come by the hundreds from Canada to munch on the Salmon that spawn up the Skagit River.

(excerpt from If you haven’t visited eastern Skagit County in awhile or ever, January is the month to do it! The annual Skagit Eagle Festival offers a chance to get an amazing glimpse of mother nature — eagles, of course, but also salmon, elk and other wildlife. In addition, the festival celebrates the heritage, history and joyous spirit of the people who live in these small communities.

(excerpt from website)  The Skagit Eagle Festival is a month-long celebration during eagle-watching season in eastern Skagit County. Activities take place in Concrete, Rockport and Marblemount every Saturday and Sunday in January. The festival features a variety of free tours, walks, and educational programs where you’ll learn not only about these majestic birds, but also about a variety of wildlife and the beautiful areas along the Skagit River where they live or return each year.

In January 2013, we started out at the interpretive center to listen to a 30 minute explanation of the eagle situation, then we went on a short, flat trail walk to the river.  We saw eagles!  Then we went to the hatchery for a free tour of the fish containers and learned about the process of growing and managing the salmon.   Then we stopped at 2 places where the local festival people had telescopes sited on individual eagles so we could see them close up.  It was really a nice, relaxing day.  That worked up an appetite, and on the way home we stopped for lunch at a great local place on the roadside.   And we’ll do it all again soon!


Eagle and Spawning Salmon Tour – Saturday January 18, 2014

Visit our website for more tours around the Northwest.





Eagle Nest

Eagle Nest

Young Eagle

Young Eagle

The Skagit River

The Skagit River

A guided walking tour

A guided walking tour

Northwest Winter Tours


HOLIDAY TOWN LIGHTING. December 2014. $65. Offering six trips this year, Cheryl’s Northwest Tours LLC has partnered with Clipper Vacations for a bigger than ever trip across the mountain passes to this fun annual event. A continental breakfast basket starts off your day, and we share tidbits of Northwest history along the way. Pre arrival you will be provided with suggestions and directional information to get you going on your fun-filled day.

If you have not been to to this festival before, you’ll experience holiday music all day in the street, shops oozing with festive holiday gifts, and holiday decorations everywhere. Maybe you’ll want to try the roasted chestnuts -on an open fire-, some cider, or maybe some spiced wine. There is a play you can see, sleigh rides across town, fund-raisers at the church, and more. You’ll see thousands of lights on the buildings, trees, and streetlights; Leavenworth, WA, does it up spectacularly and turns it on just before 5:00pm. Visit for each day’s activities. We pick up at several Seattle area locations. Departures begin around 9:00am, returning approximately 8:30pm. Visit and for more information.

EAGLE AND SALMON VIEWING, a nature tour. January 2014. $89. You’ve got to see this. Hundreds of young and old eagles migrate from Canada each year to the Skagit River to feast on the spawning salmon. This is a two-part tour. Eagles. There are hundreds in the area, and you are sure to see many. You’ll love this, even if you are not a ‘bird watcher”. There’s a brief presentation very worth your time to familiarize yourself with Skagit Valley and its nature programs, and then you’re off to the river to locate eagles. The second part of this tour: The Salmon Spawning experience. You’ll visit the local hatchery and see the salmon’s final destination (and their original birthplace). These are non-farmed northwest salmon, in the real world. Hot lunch of your choice included at a local restaurant on the way home. This tour is in conjunction with the Skagit Valley Eagle Festival.

RED WINE AND CHOCOLATE. February,2014. You’ll venture to Yakima area appellations, to the actual vineyards of northwest wineries. The vineyards are beautiful, peaceful, and are less crowded than during the growing and harvesting months. Not just wine tasting, you’ll also indulge in sampling chocolates of various styles, including truffles, wedges, and bars, some paired with wines to show the versatility and balance of the wine. Box lunch included.

For more information, visit, email us at, or call 206 353-3330.