Mount Rainier Tour

We traveled to Mount Rainier in early September on a Mount Rainier Tour, and boy, it was great!  It must have been the clearest, bluest day I have ever experienced on the mountain!

We left Seattle, near Seatac International Airport at 8:30am and returned by 6:00pm.  We traveled via I-5, Highway 18, 410, 161, 7, and 706.

We made a pit-stop in Elbe, then traveled through the Nisqually entrance.  Our first destination was Longmire.  Did you know Longmire is a National Historic Site?  Originally the homestead of James Longmire and his family in 1888, it became Mount Rainier National Park’s first headquarters building when this National Park,the 5th in America, opened in 1899.

In Longmire, we visited a couple of museums, the general store/gift shop, the original headquarters building, and then took a 30 minute stroll on the Trail of the Shadows around a small lake, enjoying the large Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar trees and stopping at the natural spring that James Longmire thought was medicinal.

The next stop was Paradise.  We had pre-arranged reservations at the hotel’s restaurant, and lunch was delicious.  Then we spent time exploring.  I personally took the trail up the Alta Vista Trail, and another to a waterfall.  Both trails were paved, though parts were steep.   I was surprised how many people were there!  Others enjoyed the Visitor’s Center.

We also made a stop at Narada Falls.  A must! if you go up to Paradise.  You can’t see it from the road, but it’s so close, and right next to the parking lot.

Mount Rainier was originally called Tahoma by the Native Americans, which means Big Mountain.  It was renamed by Captain George Vancouver in 1792, who had a crew member on his ship with that last name.  Locals rallied to change it back, but you can see, it is still Mount Rainier.  Mount Rainier is 14,410 feet tall with 25 glaciers, and is the tallest of 5 volcanoes in Washington State.


Glaciers on Mount Rainier

Paradise viewpoint

View from parking lot

Myrtle /falls

Myrtle Falls

yours truly


blue flowers

Blue Flowers

stream at Rainier

Mountain and stream

to Camp Muir!

The trail


Mount Rainier Valley

To go to Mount Rainier and other fun interesting places in the Pacific Northwest, visit our website and book a tour.  Groups get you lower rates per person, and we also take individuals and couples on tours.  So come on, get an inside look at the Pacific Northwest.

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