Mount St Helens Ape Cave

A cave, under Mount Saint Helens! The Ape Cave, created over 1900 years ago and found in the early 1947s is amazing! About 1900 years ago Mount Saint Helens erupted and a gas bubble under the earth traveled over a mile through the earth. It formed a giant tunnel, unknown to humans until it was discovered in 1947 by a logger.  You can walk in it.  In 1951 a youth group explored the cave, and named the cave after a legend of Apes in the area. (There are no apes in the area.) We provide you with lights, and you will walk down the tunnel until it gets too small to pass through. About 40 minutes each way, it’s such an experience you’ll tell stories about it for years. A Natural Wonder.

On the way you’ll learn about the history of the area, and stop for snacks. You’ll visit one Visitor Center to see the 1980 information, and then you’ll proceed to the Ape Cave.

Another stop on this fun Ape Cave tour is the Trail of Two Forests. Not a long walk and on a boardwalk, you see wonderful cement chimney stacks which are really former trees.  Fun for kids to climb in, interesting scenery for adults.

Lunch is included.


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