PACCAR Technical Center and Tulips Tour

Open only 1 day a year to the public, you’re invited to visit the PACCAR Technical Center. Fun awaits, and you’ll have a few hours to explore on your own inside this secured-access truck testing facility.  Climb inside Kenworth trucks, see how they test windshield resistance, and see automated door slamming equipment as they run tests.  Fun and lots to see and do!  Hot dogs and other quick foods available for lunch, or bring your own.

You’ll also be right in the middle of the Tulip Fesival in Skagit Valley. Here you’ll visit both  major tulip flower bulb producers, Tulip Town and Roozengaarde.  The largest bulb growing area in the Unites States, it is beautiful when the flowers bloom.  With early, mid, and late blooming bulbs (all within a few weeks) you are sure to see flowers in bloom (but Mother Nature decides).

Date:  April 8, 2017
Price:  $89 per person plus tax

You receive a comfortable ride via coach, you’ll have an on-board tour guide.  Snacks and bottled water included.  Box lunch from Ingallina’s available for advance purchase for $20, or purchase food at either of the tulip farms or at the PACCAR Technical Center.

Another super bonus is that you get dropped AT THE FRONT DOOR of both tulip farms, and GET RIGHT IN.  No waiting in lines, no parking and walking issues.  Fast, easy, convenient!

This PACCAR Technical Center and Tulips Tour begins in the Seattle area with 3 convenient pick up locations: Star Lake Park and Ride, downtown Seattle Grand Hyatt, and Northgate Park and Ride.

Visit and scroll down to the Tulips and Trucks Tour to book your tour today!

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like orange?

like orange?

wavy rows

wavy rows of flowers



July Lavender Festival

Sequim Lav Festival

CherylsNWtours Lav Fest

The July Lavender Festival in Sequim, WA is fast approaching.  We will ride the coach or van from Seattle on Sunday July 19 for a fragrant, fun day on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

Flowers galore, most of them different varieties of lavender, will be growing in massive rows in the farms and fields.  Buy some in pots to bring home at this July Lavender Festival in Sequim.

Pick up locations include Auburn at I-5, downtown Seattle, Mukilteo, and Kingston.

Join us July 19 for the July Lavender Festival in Sequim.  For more information visit or, then call us to book your ride!

You will have an on-board tour guide who will share information along the way.

Book your tour today.  Only $89 per person for a full day, and includes a refreshing ferry ride across Puget Sound.

Call us for more information 206 353-3330 or email


Lavender Festival – July 21, 2013

Lavender Festival!

Fields and fields of blooming lavender!  July in the Pacific Northwest boasts an abundance of purple fields.  And fragrant, too.  Sequim Washington has great year-round weather which allows for wonderful local farms full of produce and flowers.  July brings the Lavender Festival and the Sequim Lavender Farm Faire.  You can find lavender in so many ways, such as live plants, seeds, in crafts like sachets, dried bundles, in beverages, and more!  One of the farms has a male and female peacock in a fensed area, and we’ve seen eagles overhead. Many farms have kiosks on their farms with vendors who offer jewelry, food, crafts, baskets and other fun, festive items. An easy way to get there is with Cheryl’s Northwest Tours LLC.  A simple bus ride and sometimes a ferry provides a convenient and fun way to get there.  No parking a mile away, and avoid the crowded driving conditions. No worries, just fun, Complimentary snacks and water provided.  Learn about the festival, its history, and what to do while you are there while on your way.  The annual Lavender Festival in Sequim, Washington, kicks off July 20, 2013 and runs through the weekend.  Some links to visit include:  –

For tour information, check out the PDF


  Lavender Festival Tour – July 21, 2013


And remember, the flowers are in bloom all month in July, so you can go on your own any time you want to most of the farms throughout July.




Tulip Festival 2013 – La Conner and Mount Vernon, WA

The fields burst into color April 15 this year, a Monday, and carried through the weekend of April 20-21 in vibrant shades of gorgeous solid and variegated petals in every color imaginable. There was plenty of mud on those rainy days early in the month, but even that added to the unique experience of going to the Tulip Festival Farms.   On the sunny and partly sunny days, the alpacas and kites really stood out, and more guests took the tractor-trolley through the fields.  This year we found more opportunities to park on the shoulders of the roads, and found new parking lots at some of the fields. We also notice more flower stands across the valley and in La Conner to purchase fresh-cut flowers.

Our tours were all very fun, as usual, and our guests included both travelers to the Seattle area and we had more locals!

We only saw a gaggle of snow geese on one of the tours.  One of our guests was from Fairbanks, AK, and said most of the snow geese had returned home to Alaska and Canada.  She lives near where the snow geese live!

Next year we will have one of the tours stop for lunch in Mount Vernon instead of in La Conner, so we can experience the Mount Vernon street fair. The street fair is very fun and festive, and I especially enjoy going into the large Mount Vernon used book store.  There are several rooms of books and has a very large selection.

Okay, that’s it for this year!  Enjoy the photos.