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close up

Spring is super early this year in the Pacific Northwest, and the Tulip Festival 2015 is gearing up!  The daffodils are in full vibrant bloom, and the fields are ablaze in yellow.  The tulips are starting to open, and it’s perfect now to take a tour!

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 2015 is beginning a week early this year, and we are offering a tour now, on MARCH 28, 2015.  If you have not seen the fields, you really should go see it.  We offer a full day package that includes transportation, tour guide, breakfast basket, entry into 2 farms, lunch on your own in an historic town, and maybe even see some migratory eagles, snow geese, or trumpeter swans.

Let us take care of all the details, and you just sit back and enjoy the day.  No parking stress, no driving stress, no waiting in lines for tickets! The tulip festival 2015 is waiting for you.

Come on, get an inside look at the Pacific Northwest.

Seating is limited, so book your seat today!  206 353-3330, cheryl@cherylsnwtours.com.



rainy 2015 tulip field

last year, a rainy season

pink tulip

pink tulip

Tulip Festival 2013 – La Conner and Mount Vernon, WA

The fields burst into color April 15 this year, a Monday, and carried through the weekend of April 20-21 in vibrant shades of gorgeous solid and variegated petals in every color imaginable. There was plenty of mud on those rainy days early in the month, but even that added to the unique experience of going to the Tulip Festival Farms.   On the sunny and partly sunny days, the alpacas and kites really stood out, and more guests took the tractor-trolley through the fields.  This year we found more opportunities to park on the shoulders of the roads, and found new parking lots at some of the fields. We also notice more flower stands across the valley and in La Conner to purchase fresh-cut flowers.

Our tours were all very fun, as usual, and our guests included both travelers to the Seattle area and we had more locals!

We only saw a gaggle of snow geese on one of the tours.  One of our guests was from Fairbanks, AK, and said most of the snow geese had returned home to Alaska and Canada.  She lives near where the snow geese live!

Next year we will have one of the tours stop for lunch in Mount Vernon instead of in La Conner, so we can experience the Mount Vernon street fair. The street fair is very fun and festive, and I especially enjoy going into the large Mount Vernon used book store.  There are several rooms of books and has a very large selection.

Okay, that’s it for this year!  Enjoy the photos.