Mount St Helens Ape Cave

A cave, under Mount Saint Helens! The Ape Cave, created over 1900 years ago and found in the early 1947s is amazing! About 1900 years ago Mount Saint Helens erupted and a gas bubble under the earth traveled over a mile through the earth. It formed a giant tunnel, unknown to humans until it was discovered in 1947 by a logger.  You can walk in it.  In 1951 a youth group explored the cave, and named the cave after a legend of Apes in the area. (There are no apes in the area.) We provide you with lights, and you will walk down the tunnel until it gets too small to pass through. About 40 minutes each way, it’s such an experience you’ll tell stories about it for years. A Natural Wonder.

On the way you’ll learn about the history of the area, and stop for snacks. You’ll visit one Visitor Center to see the 1980 information, and then you’ll proceed to the Ape Cave.

Another stop on this fun Ape Cave tour is the Trail of Two Forests. Not a long walk and on a boardwalk, you see wonderful cement chimney stacks which are really former trees.  Fun for kids to climb in, interesting scenery for adults.

Lunch is included.


Mount Saint Helens Cave Tour

Mount  Saint Helens Cave is very worth the time to visit, and we’ve developed a new tour that covers a LOT around Mount Saint Helens with several different view points. Let me share with you what we are doing!

We begin with a visit to Ape Cave, the Mount Saint Helens Cave formed by a gas bubble that flowed into the earth below the mountain approximately 1900 years ago. Using flashlights and lanterns, we walk into the cavern and down into the earth, for approximately 30 minutes one way. The cave gets smaller as you go, and when it is too small to go any further, we turn around and returned to the place we entered.

Next we go to the Trail of Two Forests. A boardwalk over a fantastic historic lava flow site, you see what is left of volcanic flow that covered living trees and earth. The trees died and burned up, leaving the lava there, looking like a cement chimney it their place. Hard to discribe, you need to see to appreciate. New growth of mosses and trees are starting the next generation and new forest.

Turning East and North, we go the longer way back -and more scenic- and you see Mount Saint Helens from the back side of the 1980 eruption; you see the whole mountain, as if nothing has happened. What a sight it is, with glaciers and emence beauty.

A full, long day, it is worth the time to see these mountain scenes and sights via our Mount Saint Helens Cave Tour.  You definitely can’t see this from visiting the National Monument of Johnson Ridge.

We hope you’ll come with us, it’s a super interesting, Northwest experience you’ll always remember.

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