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Deception Pass a Tour to Remember

Actually a water “Passage” not a Pass, our Deception Pass Tour is another of our unique Northwest tours, and takes 6-7 hours.

From Seattle, you will travel North to Mount Vernon, and cross the famous Skagit Valley with its highly nutrient soil. This valley provides a plethora of vegetables, berries, and flowers.

Once through the valley, Deception Pass is the next destination, with it’s beautiful Bridge.  The Deception Pass Bridge is a very popular destination in the Northwest. The views are breathtaking, of North Puget Sound and the Straight of Juan de Fuca. The bridge itself has a fun story of its own, which we’ll share, then invite you to walk across the bridge, or ride with us in our comfortable SUV.  The walk is pretty exciting -and beautiful- and so is the drive.

Once across, we suggest taking a .9 mile trail to the beach, where driftwood, sand, and waves greet you at the shore, along with seagulls and other shore birds.  The Naval Air Station nearby sometimes has fly-byes of various military planes, and sometimes it feels like an airshow.  Other times it is very quiet with no airplanes, which is a wonderful and peaceful experience, listening to the waves lap on shore.

Your next stop is in Coupeville, an historic town you will love. We’ve included lunch with this tour to further your local experience along Puget sound.  The view is tranquil, overlooking the pier and Puget Sound.  You’ll find you are fully immersed with the region, just what the doctor ordered! (Actually, no doctors orders needed).

Next, you’ll visit Admiralty Head lighthouse and Fort Casey, the last stops on the island. These are remnants of a military fort built in 1901 and are very interesting with beautiful scenery.  Finally, you’re off to the Clinton Ferry Dock.  The ferry portion of this tour is as fun as all the other experiences, with 30 minutes of water travel before reaching the mainland. From there it’s a short ride back to Seattle.

Come join us on this unique Northwest Tour.  Book today at www.cherylsnwtours.com.

trail sign

trail sign

Madrona shedding

Madrona tree- shedding

Fort stairs

Fort stairs

Fort from parking lot

Fort from parking

on the Cannon

on the Cannon

Bridge view West

Bridge view West

beach and bridge

beach driftwood and bridge

Admiralty Head Lighthous

Admiralty Head Lighthouse

Whale Watching: Gray’s arrive Puget Sound

Each spring, approximately 10 migratory gray whales enter Puget Sound on their way from Mexico to the Baring Sea. This is the perfect time to go whale watching, especially in March, April and May.

Whale Watching - Gray Whales in Puget Sound

photo: WhidbeyComanoIsland.com website

There are many ways to experience this annual event. One is to drive to Langley, WA, on Whidbey Island, and look from the shore, either from on the cliff or from the lower marina level.  You’ll be able to watch the whales feed and travel between Whidbey and Camano Islands.  Another option is to take a boat ride.  There are several options available from the island.  Jet boats start at 2 locations.  There is also the 100 foot Mystic Sea, and Clipper Vacations whale watching tours to Langley.  Many sightings have been made from Washington State ferries, however the ferries do not seek out the whales, so the Clipper or other boat excursion will offer a more probable whale experience.

The gray whales usually visit from March through May each year, and several of them are repeat visitors.  A few new whales join the pod each year.  Whales have individual identities, and can be identified by their barnacle markings, size, and injuries.  Each whale in the pod has a number and an individual name, and new visitors are added to the records.

For more information, visit info@whidbeycamanoislands.com  and  http://www.whidbeycamanoislands.com/thingstodo/outdoor_adventure/graywhales/.

Cheryl’s Northwest Tours offers tours across the Pacific Northwest and have several excursions around Puget Sound.  Our staff will be happy to develop a tour for your group either by land or by combining with one of the boat tours.  Give us a call at 206 353-3330 or email cheryl@cherylsnwtours.com for more information.